Beatrice Elachi accuses Governor Sonko over her impeachment woes

By Nzioka Justin | Tuesday, Jul 28th 2020 at 10:24
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In a new twist of events, Nairobi County Speaker, Ms. Beatrice Elachi, pointed an accusing finger to the City-County Boss Governor Sonko over her impeachment push.

Ms. Elachi attributed her troubles to her political disputes with the ex-assembly clerk, Jacob Ngwele. Additionally, Ms. Elachi noted that she was also being fought for supporting the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

The county speaker noted that the assembly members allied to Governor Sonko were the ones behind her ouster push. She revealed how Sonko, together with ex-clerk Mr. Jacob, was determined to frustrate the NMS's operations.

Ms. Elachi further noted that Sonko was busy fighting for Jacob's reinstatement to achieve his purpose of having her ousted.

"...right now, he is very angry because he knows the order that stopped his ouster can be revived now that Ngwele is gone...," Ms. Elachi stated.

In the meantime, MCAS allied to the Speaker threatened that they would table a new motion in attempts to impeach Governor Sonko. The team has vowed to initiate the impeachment process beginning Tuesday (today).

"...Instead of impeaching Elachi, it will be another story as we will be impeaching Sonko," stated MCA Ogada. Also, Kayole Central Ward Representative insisted that Ms. Elachi would be going nowhere since the MCAS elected her.

Speaking over the appointment of a new clerk, Ms. Elachi defended the move noting that the former clerk Ngwele has been in office against the law.

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