If you have no symptoms of Covid-19, chances are you don’t need any treatment — Dr Loice Ombajo

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jul 23rd 2020 at 13:05
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Dr Loice Ombajo, head of Infectious Disease Unit at Kenyatta National Hospital, on Wednesday offered hope to asymptomatic Covid-19 patients saying a number of them might not need treatment.

Speaking during an interview on a local TV station, Dr Ombajo stated that the most common symptoms of the virus include cough, fever, loss of taste, loss of smell, sore throat, running nose etc.

She, however, cautioned about self-medication saying if the symptoms get out of hand it is important to seek medical care.

“Drinking some water with lemon and ginger is not harmful. They offer some relief to a sore throat and a running nose.

“If they have a headache or mild fever they can take Panadol or Paracetamol but people should not self-medicate by buying all manner of drugs over the counter,” she said.

Adding: “If you have symptoms that are bothering you beyond what you can handle it is important to get medical care so that you are given the right medication.”

Asked why men are more susceptible to Covid-19, Dr Ombajo said experts are yet to find out why.

“It could be something to do with hormonal differences…but we do not really understand why.

“We are still look for the exact answers as to why men are affected more than women,” she said.

Earlier this week, media personality Caroline Mutoko was put on the spot for blaming the rising number of Covid-19 infections among men on behaviour.

The former radio host stated that men often overlook simple hygiene and it might be the reason why more men have succumbed to the virus.

Through a video shared on her YouTube channel, Mutoko added that men are putting their families at risk by disregarding the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

“You hate water…somebody has to beg you to wash your hands and this was pre-covid.

“Because you are mentally predisposed to shy away from hygiene, corona is coming for you,” she said.

Further, she castigated men for indulging in unhealthy meals under the guise that fruits and vegetables belong to women and children.

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