Victoria Rubadiri tests negative for Covid-19

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jul 22nd 2020 at 12:42
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Citizen TV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri on Wednesday revealed that she had tested negative for Covid-19.

Through a post on one of her social media pages, Rubadiri stated that she took the test earlier in the week and she is thankful that she does not have the virus.

“Thanks to everyone who reached out to find out how I’m doing. I was tested earlier this week for Covid-19 and thankfully the results came back negative,” she said.

The journalist, however, emphasized the need to act responsibly to keep the virus at bay.

“Even though it’s good news, I still need to live as if I’m positive to keep the ones I work with and randomly interact with safe.

“Whatever your Covid-19 status, take all the necessary precautions. Your health is paramount not just for you but those who depend on you,” she wrote.

Health CAS Rashid Aman on Tuesday, July 21, lauded Kenyan celebrities who have come out publicly to pronounce their COVID-19 status.

Speaking during the daily COVID-19 briefings at Afya House, Nairobi, CAS Aman encouraged more people to come out as it’s one way to destigmatize the disease.

“Media personalities as I have read in the papers, I think it’s a positive thing when people in high office or who are celebrities or in media, come out and pronounce their status. That is one way to destigmatize the disease,” said CAS Aman.

His statement came just a day after celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Koinange stated that he was asymptomatic and all his close contacts had been informed.

“Right now I'm in self-isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE & God Bless!” he tweeted.

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