The struggles of being an entrepreneur

By ELIAS GITHINJI KARUOYA | Thursday, Jul 16th 2020 at 15:02
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Owning a business is an endeavor that stretches one’s limits. While pondering over the idea of being an own boss and all seems enticing and rather rosy, the actuality of running one reveals a whole new set of uncertainties.

A tough skin, a shrewd mind, and a prime location even are in no way a guarantee against the random storms that ultimately define the process. The pangs of uncertain business are even rifer where there is no alternative income in the picture to hold the fort, in the off chance of a terrible day.

In comes the slow days. Such exude a characteristic emptiness by virtue of non-forthcoming clients. It is even worse if the business is localized.

There are proximal competitors within the precincts, where you can observe significant customer activity while business is proving really evasive on your end. But you got to live to fight another day anyway.

After all, even a single transaction for a last-minute shopper who bumps into you just as you are about to close shop for the day can turn around the statement of a pretty subdued day.

A hail of other unprecedented strains is incidental to the business. One that is a real deal-breaker is a sense of entitlement among entities, party to the business or its owner. Such could be family, friends, or even repeat customers.

Often they tend to be persons of immediacy in relation to the business setting, and as such, the entrepreneur can count on them for support in the associated endeavors. However, quite a number of them never live up to the expectations.

Contrary, they ultimately prove a threat to the business by taking advantage of the mutuality to solicit favors from within the business at the expense of the business’s stability. These are a pack that any entrepreneur should be wary of.

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