Ezekiel Mutua hits out at Citizen TV over a scene on Tahidi High

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jul 15th 2020 at 11:30
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KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua on Tuesday hit out at Citizen TV over a scene on Tahidi High where Omosh was smoking.

Although it was one of the classic episodes of the programme, Mutua wondered why the station aired such content as early as 6.40pm saying it will instill the wrong values in children.

“Citizen TV shame on you. Watching Tahidi high and this character is smoking openly in the program at exactly 6:40pm. Kids are at home and you are teaching them that smoking is cool.

“A manager, a producer or an actor allows this because your agenda is to destroy the morals of our children. Why would you allow this to run during the watershed?” he asked.

The moral cop went ahead to lecture the station for breaking the law yet they would be the first ones to point an accusing finger at the government.

“The law will catch up with you soon. And worse, God will deal with you harshly for trading moral values for profits and destroying our children.

“Where do you even get the guts to lecture Government about corruption when you break the law with impunity?” he wondered.

Mutua has constantly reminded the media that such content is in contravention with the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222, KICA Section 46 (i) and the Programming Code for free to air radio and TV stations in Kenya.

These laws protect children from exposure to such programs or adverts during prime time and when they are most likely to watch TV or listen to radio.

The post generated a lot of debate as some netizens asked him to also monitor the music shows that air just before 7pm.

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