VIDEO: First COVID-19 patient in Isiolo demands Sh25 million compensation

By Fay Ngina | Monday, Jul 13th 2020 at 09:29
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The first coronavirus patient in Isiolo County is demanding Sh25 million from the county government after claiming that his businesses had suffered huge losses.

Osman Shariff says he has faced stigmatization after health workers at Garbatula Hospital allegedly shared his data pictures on social media.

Sharrif, who owns a wholesale shop in Garbatula Town, claims that clients have shied away from buying his stuff till now, despite his COVID-19 results being released in May.

Speaking to journalists, Sharrif said that passengers also shunned away from using his busses that ply the Garbatula-Maua route.

The businessman said he has fully recovered from the disease after testing negative following two tests.

Sharrif is now demanding Sh25million from the county government as they are the employers of the said health workers at Garbatula Hospital.

Narrating how the stigmatization has affected his personal life, Sharrif said that he could not get accommodation at a hotel due to his health status, after the hotel claimed it was fully booked.

He also claimed that his daughter was almost beaten to death by a mob in Maua town who claimed she belonged to the COVID-19 family.

Sharrif said the stigmatization has caused him psychological torture and urged Kenyans not to single out people who tested positive for the COVID-19.

On May 11, Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti condemned the sharing of Sharrif's details and photos on social media.

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