CITAM, Parklands Baptist to remain closed despite directive to reopen churches

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Jul 11th 2020 at 16:34
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CITAM will remain closed despite the government’s directive to reopen churches.

Through a statement signed by Bishop David Oginde, the church stated that the pastoral team in consultation with church elders saw it wise not to reopen in the interest of preserving lives.

“This is especially in the interest of preserving lives in this period when the Covid-19 infections are rising sharply.

“Accordingly, all CITAM Assemblies will remain closed until further notice,” read the statement in part.

Parklands Baptist Church also expressed reservations regarding the directive to reopen saying the limit of 100 people per service will not be sufficient.

“Recognising that a significant proportion of our congregants consists of families with young children, we are therefore concerned that the wholesome family fellowship which we greatly value will be affected if we reopen under the current guidelines.

“We shall not have physical gatherings taking place and therefore wish to continue airing our online services,” read the statement.

The Interfaith Council on Tuesday announced the way forward as far as reopening places of worship is concerned.

Through a statement read by Archbishop Anthony Muheria, the council noted that public places of worship will be reopened in the next few days, tentatively on July 14, 2020, but a number of guidelines have to be adhered to. There must be sufficient stations of handwashing with soap or sanitization with alcohol-based sanitizers All congregants must wear proper face masks over their mouth and nose throughout the service Social distance of 1.5m between all congregants must be observed Maximum number of congregants should not exceed 100persons Children under the age of 13 and persons over the age of 58 are encouraged to stay at home during the first phases of reopening Service should not exceed 60minutes

Further; There shall be regular cleaning and disinfection of places of worship Care in avoiding all unnecessary contact during worship Use of thermal guns Collections and other activities that involve passing around items will be rethought

The council noted that reopening places of worship will follow four phases which will depend on the infection trend and spread.

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