Five hacks to loosen tight braids

By Faith Wambui | Tuesday, Jun 30th 2020 at 11:55
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Braids are a staple for many girls. They're beautiful, protective hairstyles that are adored all over the world. However, getting braids can be painful, leading to discomfort, headaches, and, in extreme cases, blisters. This can put you off from getting your hair braided again. Even worse, tight braids can lead to hair loss. Though little pain is unavoidable after getting braids, it's essential to know how to loosen them up. Here are some hacks to help you loosen tight braids. 

1. Use A Hot Towel

Most hairstylists will run a towel soaked in hot water through your head once they're done braiding. However, you can do this at home as well. Take a medium-sized towel and soak it in hot water. Remove it using tongs and wring out the water. When it's still hot, place the towel on your braids, applying pressure to where it hurts the most. The heated towel soothes the scalp and relaxes the muscles, which loosens up tight braids. 

2. Tell Your Stylist

Contrary to popular opinion, tight isn't right. In fact, tight braids can cause severe hair damage. Getting your hair done should never be a painful ordeal. Before getting braids, let your stylist know whether you have a sensitive scalp, so they understand how gentle they have to be. If you feel like your braids are too tight, let your stylist know. This will prevent any long-term damage and the discomfort of having tight braids. 

3. Use Leave-in Conditioner

The Leave-in conditioner has a cooling effect that works like magic on tight braids. Since it's cold, it relieves the scalp, and the oil helps loosen up the tightness. Gently apply the product directly to the scalp and let it slip in. Make sure not to use too much as this may lead to an oily scalp. Additionally, the leave-in conditioner helps strengthen hair, which counters the damaging effect of tight braids. 

4. Use A Pencil

A pencil or something cylindrical will help undo the tight wounds on the root of your hair. Take a pencil and gently pass it through the braid. Move the pencil side to side until you feel relief. Do this for each braid using an appropriately sized pencil depending on the size of the braid. The smaller the braid, the smaller the pencil. Otherwise, you'll only cause more damage. 

5. Use Oils

Oils are a great way to loosen tight braids while nourishing your scalp and hair. Make a concoction of your favourite oils like coconut, argan, and jojoba oils then sprinkle a few droplets on your scalp. Since oils are quickly absorbed, they provide instant relief without worrying about an oily scalp, unlike leave-in conditioners. To boost the relieving effect, you can put the oil in a fridge for a few minutes and then apply it to your scalp. This will give the oil a cooling effect. 

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