Five common mistakes to avoid in marriage

By David Rakewa | Monday, Jun 29th 2020 at 14:48
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Several things cause total failure in marriages, and couples are at some points unable to point out such things. For marriage to work, both man and woman should put efforts to ensure everything runs normal to avoid unreasonable divorce or breakups.

Here are five common marriage mistakes you should avoid to save your marriage;

1. Treating your partner like a kid

Do not act in ways likely to depict to your partner that he or she is a kid before you. Do not decide for them; do not be so condescending. You should be able to see your partner as equal and as someone you can seek support from.

2. Not considering one's sexual needs

This is common, especially with women. It is likely that you will not be in the mood to getting intimate when your husband wants to. But for a marriage to successfully work without messes, you have to consider his sex life as well. Same to men.

3. Putting other things first before your partner

This does not mean you put your relationship in everything you do, but try as much as you can to consider being there for your relationship. Do not be too busy with other staff and leave your spouse unattended to.

4. Controlling your spouse and the marriage

Do not be a controlling partner. Give your spouse some space to breathe and be his or her own person. Suffocating your partner brings frustration that can cause marriage breakage.

5. Failing to work on your attractiveness

Some people will fail to appear attractive to their spouses just because they are in together now. I'm afraid that's not right. Remain as attractive as you used to when you wanted him or her. Be the beautiful woman he met for the first time, and be the handsome man you were when you asked her out.

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