Five major reasons why many Kenyans are unemployed

By David Rakewa | Friday, Jun 26th 2020 at 11:54
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Nearly half of Kenyan adults lack employment despite several years or months of job seeking. This primarily affects youths who, after failing to find jobs and settle, get into criminal activities.

However, the Kenyan government is to blame for all these since it is responsible for creating employment opportunities for its citizens.

Below are some of the reasons why most Kenyans lack jobs;


This will never fail to be the reason for almost all vices in the country; it has taken over the wellbeing of the country, with leaders being the initiators. The mentality of 'you can't find a job in Kenya without connections' is never wrong and seems to never be wrong in the coming future. It has gained ground and is here to stay. You can hardly find a job in Kenya without 'connections,' and this is caused by tribalism and nepotism, which are norms in the country today.

Low level of education

A good percentage of Kenyans lack proper education, maybe because they couldn't afford school fees or access good educational facilities. This has been a nightmare for people seeking employment. No company will employ you if you don't meet the level of education they consider.

Government offering contracts to foreigners firms

This is a major point to blame the government. Kenya has universities offering excellent engineering courses, but you will never find graduates from these universities in road construction sites or generally the construction industry. All you see are Chinese engineers doing both the managerial and handwork with only a few Kenyans providing unworthy manpower, which shouldn't be the case - this is our country.

The emergence of non-certified colleges and universities

Some colleges and universities have emerged and are not ISO-certified to provide formal education to Kenyans. An example is the Nairobi Aviation College, which was some years back said to be non-certified. The government declared all certificates from that institution null even after several Kenyans happily graduated from there, and they lost their jobs, meaning they had to start afresh. This has affected the employment sector, with companies discriminating against small colleges and universities and considering bigger ones.

Poor industrial sector

Industrialization in Kenya is good, yeah, but it isn't enough to offer proper and enough employment to Kenyans. Many Kenyans have enough services to give out, but they have no places to give out. Therefore, the Kenyan government should promote the industrial sector of the nation to offer better and enough employment to Kenyans.


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