How to easily track your expenses and stick to a budget

By David Rakewa | Tuesday, Jun 23rd 2020 at 12:29
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Tracking your expenses is a really good way to monitor your finances. If you never track your expenses then try it once and you will be surprised at how you unknowingly spend too much money. Tracking your expenses allows you to easily identify financial issues you need to correct to impact on your savings.

Below are four main ways to track your expenses;

Classify your expenses

There are two types of expenditure; fixed and variable expenditure. Fixed expenditure are those that can hardly change and you really need like utility bills while variable expenses are those that you don't necessarily need like money you spend on traveling, food and clothes. Categorizing your expenses will help you know how much you spend in a month and will help you towards your journey to saving more money. 

Review your expenses

This comes after categorizing your expenses and realizing areas where you spend too much and start cutting back on them to improve your savings. You can cut back on expenses like fast foods and drinking. You can look for other big ways to save other than cutting back on some of your expenses. 

Create a plan

After categorizing and reviewing your expenses you can decide to create a plan that will make you spend your money with caution and in doing projects constructive to your future. You can also choose to set some financial goals like emergency funds that can help you in future eventualities.

Be ready to change

Among the several ways to track your spending is creating room for change so that you can inject a positive impact on your savings. 


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