List of frequently asked questions when filing KRA returns

By Fay Ngina | Monday, Jun 22nd 2020 at 13:18
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With only a week left to the deadline of filing the KRA returns, most Kenyans are rushing to do so to avoid getting fined.

The hassle of queuing to file returns was resolved after KRA introduced iTax, a platform where taxpayers can update their tax registration details or file returns.

There are few questions that arise when people use iTax to file their returns. From forgetting password to correcting an error after filing, here are frequently asked questions when filing returns and their answers.

In case I forget my password, what can I do?

Go to the iTax log in page and select forgotten password. You will be asked for the security question you used when registering for the first time. Once you submit the information successfully, new login credentials will be sent to your registered email address. Here is a summary of the steps to retrieving your password;

• Open your browser and log in to KRA itax portal:

• Once on the website, type your KRA pin and click continue

• Proceed downward and click where it is written: “forgot password/unlock account.”

• Proceed to answer the security question and then click submit.

• A password will be sent to your email, therefore, open another tab and proceed to log in to your email.

• Copy the password sent and go back to the KRA website and click back.

• Enter your PIN and the password sent to your email and press login.

• Once in the website fill in the places with a red asterisk. The old password remains the one sent to your email and proceed to set your new password. Chose the security question and set the answer.

• Agree to KRA website policy and disclaimer by clicking the small box and click submit. Your password is set.

Can I correct an error once I file a return?

Yes. You can do this by filing an amended return.

How can I change my password if I have forgotten my security question?

The taxpayer is required to send this PIN to KRA for password and security question reset through:

Email and DTDOnlineSupport@kra.go.keOr; Call 020 2390919 and 020 2391099 and 0771628105Or; Visit the nearest KRA office.

How do I file Nil returns?

To file Nil returns, follow these steps;

· Open your browser and Log in to

· On the left hand side enter your user ID, KRA pin, and click continue.

· Type in your password and answer the security question in order to access your profile.

· After accessing your profile click on the returns menu, and select File Nil Returns sub-menu.

· Under Tax Obligation, select VAT/PAYE from the drop down menu.

· Enter the return period and click submit.

· Download acknowledgement receipt and you are done.

What do I do if I am trying to upload my return, but the system tells me I have to file returns for previous months/year?

In the case of first time filling, you need to call KRA for the change of roll-out date. In the case that you had filled the first return on iTax and failed to file subsequent returns i.e., for one or three months, you need to file the missing returns in iTax before you can file the current one.

What do I do if I am trying to file VAT/PAYE return on iTax, but the system tells me I am not registered for that return?

You need to update your tax obligation information in your iTax account to enable you to file.

How can I change the current email address from the one I registered within iTax?

The taxpayer can initiate a change of email address. On the taxpayers' profile under registration, the taxpayer is allowed to amend PIN details. Once the taxpayer begins the process, a task is created for approval by a KRA officer.

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