How parents can effectively homeschool their children

By Scholastica wabende | Monday, Jun 22nd 2020 at 08:07
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Homeschooling works best if parents take the role of teaching responsibly. They need to be role models, especially when it comes to the routine set up.

Parents should teach their children the core values of education, as this is applicable to homeschooling. For instance, teach the learners to be responsible. Let the learners know the core competencies of education; for example, self-efficacy will help them to learn independently at times.

Parents should have enough textbooks at their disposal for research. Learners would wish to see a confident teacher, so parents should do enough research. There should also be reference materials like the dictionary, kamusi, and encyclopedia. In one way, a parent will be teaching the learners why it is important to get information from various sources.

They should not rely solely on past papers, teach using textbooks then let the children work independently when evaluating themselves.

Watch the news with the children. This enables them to learn vocabularies, especially the news in Kiswahili, now that most schools encourage the use of the queen’s language only. Through this, they will also learn listening and speaking skills.

Homeschooling should include storytelling sessions. How many parents know the values, norms, taboos of their communities? It is important if the same are passed to their children as they learn in literature.

Above all, have time for prayers and playing.

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