Banning pornography will not stop teenage pregnancies — Atheists tell Magoha

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, Jun 19th 2020 at 13:13
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Just hours after Education CS Prof George Magoha said he would lobby President Uhuru Kenyatta to consider banning porn sites in Kenya, the Atheists in Kenya Society has responded by telling him that is not the solution.

Through a statement, the body stated that the rise in teenage pregnancies is due to unprotected sex and the solution is to teach children about safe sex.

“We would like to inform Prof Magoha that watching pornography is not the reason we are having many cases of teenage pregnancies in Kenya.

“Teenagers are getting pregnant because they are having unprotected sex. Banning pornography to stop school girls from getting pregnant is like banning wine glasses to reduce alcoholism,” read the statement in part.

Further, Harrison Mumia, the society’s president, added that the solution is to introduce sex education in grade 4 or 5.

“Parents, guardians and the school should go all the way and openly talk to children about sex.

“Contrary to what people believe, talking to children about sex will not make them want to do it,” he said.

Magoha on Thursday strongly criticized those taking advantage of school-going children, alluding some of the cases of early pregnancies to early exposure to pornography.

While speaking in Nakuru on the reopening of schools, the CS started by saying pornographic sites should be blocked especially to learners.

“I am going to lobby the Cabinet and by extension the President to consider changing the law to block information related to pornography.

“Why are such sites accessible in Kenya? Who needs them?” he asked.

Adding: “Do not tell us that since it is accessible in the US it should be accessible here. Many countries have blocked them and their culture is better.”

On the recent report on teenage pregnancies in various counties, Magoha urged parents to teach their children to learn to say no and make morally upright decisions.

This is after a story that was widely shared on social media claimed over 4000 school girls have been impregnated since schools were closed.

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