Musician Muigai wa Njoroge releases song questioning govt decisions

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, Jun 17th 2020 at 08:38
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Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge has released a controversial song that has put some key government decisions and actions under the microscope.

His latest song Ino Migunda has got Kenyans talking as he highlights the plight of the poor and what he terms as oppression by those at the top.

In the chorus, Noroge speaks of what the country’s forefathers went through to ensure everyone has somewhere to settle.

“This land will be subdivided equally since it cannot be sliced into pieces for human consumption.

“There will come a time when the common man will not tolerate your oppression anymore,” he sings.

The artiste then addresses the issue of dynasties in Kenya’s leadership saying the lineage of oppressors and those who inherit power will come to an end too.

He condemned the recent demolitions in Kariobangi saying it was such a bad time considering the country is battling a pandemic.

“Despite Coronavirus and heavy rainfall you demolished the houses of the poor. Was it that urgent?

“Couldn’t the project wait? Some deeds are beyond the devil’s imagination,” he says.

Njoroge also highlighted how branded merchandise was dished out during campaigns but the government is currently struggling to avail masks to the poor.

“Flour is more important to the poor than the masks…landlords are knocking at their doors asking for rent but you are enjoying tea worth Sh4million.

“I cannot say with certainty but I think Corona is here to enrich some,” he said.

In a rather controversial verse, the singer says when peasants get rich they are branded as thieves but when those from dynasties loot it is sugarcoated as inheritance.

Njoroge also appeared to hint that Deputy President William Ruto might be the solution to Kenya’s problems.

He also hit out at those who tried to tarnish the name of the DP when he donated food saying, “You tarnished the name of the peasant’s son and even went ahead to poison your people…you value power more than our lives.”

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