Dads, here are three ways you can build a legacy during the pandemic

By Fredrick Kirimi Kirauko | Tuesday, Jun 9th 2020 at 16:22
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"Of all the titles I have been privileged to have, 'dad' has always been best," says Ken Norton.

He was a renowned WBC heavyweight champion who once defeated the great Muhammad Ali.

Besides his excellent boxing career, he also featured in movies such as the famous “Mandingo”. Yet the greatest title he held was “dad”!

The COVID 19 pandemic has necessitated people to work from home while some have lost their jobs. Let's see what fathers can do with the additional family time.

Cooking With kids

Meals do more than satisfy our basic need to eat. They are special features in ceremonies and denote culture. My dad used to cook occasionally. Since he was a rare sight in the kitchen, it was a celebration whenever he cooked. An unforgettable experience.

Sharing a meal is one of the most enjoyable family moments. To make it even more enjoyable, making meals can be a collective activity. Cooking with children allows them to learn how to prepare a dish. And how to serve others.

Fathers learn how to open up and talk with their children and they in turn learn to be comfortable and make mistakes around dad. Seeing dad cook enables children to appreciate their father as a caregiver. 

Outdoor Activities

Gadgets like phones and video games have detached us from our physical world. And that’s not all. Technology has made family members strangers to each other. They share a roof over their heads but are more acquainted with their virtual worlds. So what can fathers do?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. After working for long hours and enjoying what technology has provided, it’s time to go out. Outdoor activities enable us to connect with our surroundings and relate better with others. 

Such activities are endless. Here are a few ideas. But the best are those that have a lasting effect. For instance, planting trees, painting, and writing your names on trees or caves while taking a hike. Something your kids can look at years later when you’re gone. And recall that special day with dad.

Cuddle Your Kids

Man is a social being. Physical contact is as important as verbal communication. It deepens bonds among people, particularly in families. Fathers who cuddle their children have stronger relationships with the children.

Cuddle your kids when putting them to bed or while watching a movie together. Cuddle them while reading them a book or while feeding them. And cuddle them when you want them to open up about something.

Cuddling, however, shouldn’t be a private affair. Hugging your kids in public reassures your love for them. It bolsters their self-esteem and helps them have healthy social relationships. 

To be called "dad" is an honor and a great responsibility. A father's legacy is seen in the kind of children he brings up. Small things make a big difference. By cooking, going out, and cuddling, a father's memory would be cherished forever. Fathers can take advantage of the pandemic to etch their legacy.

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