Gloves off, Chief Justice Maraga tells off the President for refusing to appoint judges

By Vincent Kejitan | Monday, Jun 8th 2020 at 13:40
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Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday made his frustrations known to the media through a presser that had some hard-hitting words directed at President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Maraga blamed the President for disregarding court orders, terming it a recipe for anarchy.

“The refusal of the President to appoint the 41 judges, was a grave violation of the constitution

“The President's disregard of court orders, doesn't board well for our constitutional democracy & is potentially a recipe for anarchy; the Executive routinely disregards court orders,” he said.

As he uttered these words, an uninvited guest made an appearance, maybe to diffuse the tension that had been generated by all the seriousness.

Oblivious of the weight of the matter at hand, a cat majestically walked past the CJ and maneuvered its way past the microphone cables.

Well, in all fairness, it observed an aspect of social distancing.

In his address, the CJ also voiced frustrations at how he has sought audience with President Kenyatta but to no avail.

He challenged the Head of State to uphold the Constitution and be an example by obeying the law.

“How can we expect God to bless our nation, when we're so callous to the most desperate in our society?

“I have for a long time now unsuccessfully sought an appointment to discuss this issue with you, leaving me no choice but to raise the matter through this public statement; you swore to defend & uphold the constitution & the laws of Kenya,” said Maraga.

Adding: “I urge you to now demonstrate that faith and respect the rule of law by complying with those two court orders; the government cannot demand of its citizens, the obedience of the law it is itself disobeying with abandon.”

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