Unicef condemns DRC massacre that left 16 dead, among them 5 children

By Nzioka Justin | Sunday, Jun 7th 2020 at 14:03
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The United Nation's International Children Fund (Unicef) on Saturday strongly condemned a recent attack in the North-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that left 16 people dead.

Among the attack victims, five were girls below 15 years. Sources by the United Nations indicate that the attack happened on June 3rd at a village, namely Moussa, Djugu area, Ituri province, DRC.

All of the fatalities were displaced people. The chaos that has been rocking the Ituri province since the start of 2020 has so far led to at least 300 deaths.

Additionally, over 0.2 million others have fled their homes, seeking shelter in neighboring areas. The violence has brought about congestion in refuge areas.

Children are reportedly among the worst-hit by the chaos rocking, especially Irumu, Djugu, and Maagi areas. Unicef has received at least 100 violation allegations against children in April and May alone.

The violations of the children's rights, according to the Unicef have been ranging from rape, murders, and infliction of injuries, in addition to attacks to the learning and health facilities.

The DRC government has been called upon to step in and prevent further violence that may see many children affected. The United Nations issued a warning that the present situation may soon run out of hands.

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