DCI arrest man behind brutal killing of woman whose body parts were found in Umoja

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Jun 4th 2020 at 14:22
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The DCI on Thursday revealed that the man behind the brutal killing of a woman whose body parts were found dumped in Umoja II has been arrested.

The body parts of the deceased were discovered on May 31, 2020 at Tumaini Primary School and the man has been identified as David Migwi Kariuki, 42.

It has emerged that the accused moved from a house in Amani Estate where he had kept the body for several days.

“Detectives investigating the murder had linked it to a house at a nearby Amani Estate where the occupant (David Migwi) had since moved from, having kept the body therein for several days, and only disposed it in a sack after the odour from its decomposing parts became unbearable,” wrote the DCI.

Further, investigations revealed that on April 27, CCTV cameras captured Kariuki walking out of a club in the Nairobi CBD in the company of a lady.

Later, the lady’s body parts were found dumped in different locations.

The head, arms & legs had been dumped at Umoja dumpsite and the torso later found along Landhies Road.

DNA analysis on the body parts matched that of 36-year-old Penina Wairimu Njeri, the woman he had walked with from the club.

The suspect disappeared and has been on the run until today when DCI officers pounced on him.

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