10 important tips for men on a first date

By Bernice Mbugua | Wednesday, Jun 3rd 2020 at 15:18
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1. Poor table manners

Everything else about you as a man might be in check, but if you have poor table manners, you might actually be denied that chance to get a second date. Most women might not say it straight away but don't waste a chance to be with a woman because you didn't eat right.

2.Not putting any effort in dressing 

She put those edges on her hair, wore those clothes that catch your eyes and wore those white ngomas for this date and you show up looking like you came to hang out with your boys? Not to say that you should wear expensive clothes, even if you got them from gikomba you can still afford to slay. Put effort in dressing up for a first date or better still ask your boys if you look okay, make her feel special and worth her time. As they say, first impressions matter.

3. Bad breath

Yes, you did dress up for the date but you're a man and everyone sweats. If you want to impress a girl real quick, your cologne must greet her before you do. If you don't have one, it's high time you considered buying. Ask your boys for recommendations too. 

4. Talking too much / No turn-taking 

You might want to impress a girl by talking too much and bragging about the things that you have, but that's just not it. Women love men who allow them to talk, adore them when they talk and take it easy. Again, don't be too silent, once you ask a question or make a comment, you might want to ask her 'what about you' or tell her to give her opinion.

5. Asking too many personal questions

Well, asking many personal questions might be overwhelming to a girl. Women are reluctant to talk about personal experiences unless you gain their trust. Make her feel comfortable and invest in bonding with her by talking about random topics or just general questions. Also, don't be in a hurry to talk about love and relationships. 

6. Asking for a kiss/ sex

Remember, this is a first date, you two might not know each other at a personal level. Not unless you have a vibe going on, don't be in a hurry to ask for a kiss. It's not like you've met at a club at a night out. Relax , enjoy each other's company and food.

6. Picking a cheap place and assuming it's okay 

This is Nairobi, you might as well impress a girl. Before you invite her on a first date, invest on it, inquire for a cool restaurant, not necessarily an expensive place but go out of your way.

7.Inviting a woman to your house

You two had a good time together and a conversation to long for, are you going to throw that away because cannot calm down? Tell her you that you enjoyed her company and ensure she gets home safe. She will come to your house when she wants to.

8. Too many compliments

Hey, women know that they look good and they want to be told they do but you're not gonna make it a topic of discussion, are you? Just tell her once or twice though some women may want to be praised, make it minimal.

9. Assuming you know everything about the girl

Well you might think you know the girl, but you actually have only a clue. Again don't assume that you have known the lady for a long time. Let her express herself, don't assume.

10. A guy who is harsh and egocentric 

If the waiter takes long to take your order, don't show her how you have no respect for other people. Inquire kindly and don't make a fuss out of it. Again, if you're an egocentric guy try to be more sensitive and consider other people's feelings. 

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