Kenyan whose comment on the White House went viral says black lives matter

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 14:10
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When Alex G Ndiritu commented on a Facebook live post in the wake of protests in Minneapolis over the killing of George Floyd, he had no idea he would be trending at number one in just a matter of hours.

In the post, Ndiritu said that Americans should burn the White House and a few minutes later the screenshot had done rounds on social media, comedian Terrence Williams asking security to be on standby, never mind the fact that Ndiritu is in Nyeri.

“THEY ARE THREATENING TO BURN DOWN THE WHITE HOUSE! We must Protect President Trump and his Administration. All threats must be taken seriously. Please RT to inform the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA,” Terrence wrote on Twitter.

Kenyans online saw humour in this and made Ndiritu a trending topic although he later claimed that his life is in danger.

“I don't think am safe anymore here in Nyeri,I need government protection please. I don't advocate for violence, I just want equal rights to all races globally!!mobilize

“Africans must be respected to the fullest....we owe no one any apology,we are black by nature,we are aware we are black,but our brains are sobber,we know our Rights, the White House should be responsible for this,” he wrote.

Adding: “"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter".

He was commenting on the death of Floyd who lost his life in the hands of an officer who had placed a knee on his neck.

Despite several pleas from Floyd that he could not breathe, the officer continued with the inhumane act.

The man later lost his life, leading to an uproar from residents of Minneapolis who condemned police brutality and the degree of racism exhibited in the act.

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