If Kenyans elect Ruto as President they will regret — Atwoli

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 28th 2020 at 12:13
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COTU Secretary-General Francis Atwoli on Wednesday warned Kenyans against electing DP William Ruto as President in 2022.

While speaking on JKL, Atwoli said that if Ruto becomes the Head of State, it will be the beginning of ‘maisha mbaya.’

“If Kenyans decide to elect the DP as President, they will regret. That will be the beginning of maisha mbaya,” said Atwoli.

He, however, maintained that he has no personal problem with the DP although he needs to seek counsel from experienced men for him to ascend to power.

“I have no personal problem with the Deputy President… He requires to hire good advisors for him to ascend to power.

“He is a good politician who can go places but requires an experienced advisor,” added Atwoli.

Asked what Ruto needs to do now, Atwoli said the fact that the DP has kept a low profile in recent weeks is a shrewd move.

“I think the DP should be remorseful, not be confrontational...Look for those perceived to be opposed to him and make peace…There is no shortcut to political ascension…DP must humble himself,” he remarked.

Atwoli, however, maintained that Ruto will get a chance after 2022, saying most of his troubles are because he appears to be outshining his boss.

“He is assuming responsibilities that are not his…he should wait to be assigned,” said Atwoli.

Ruto has steered clear of politics in recent days, opting to engage in acts of charity.

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