Seven types of businesses you can start while in campus

By Brian Onyiego | Thursday, May 28th 2020 at 11:13
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When you join campus. Your expectations are still high, and this will definitely be your dwelling place for the next few years. College is the best place to start your business if you're passionate about entrepreneurship. You can kick start your dream to become a business person right away from the first year. I have compiled the best proven ideas; in the following, find the best that suits you.

Selling airtime

It is proven that four out of five people own mobile phones, and an average user uses a mobile phone 23 times a day for messaging, 22 times for voice calls, and 18 times to get the time. This means everyone is in dire need of airtime and mobile bundles. On campus, you can do deliveries for a start and advertise on the notice board to reach a broader market.

Preparing snacks

If you have the best cooking skills and you are on campus, this is the ultimate best option for you. You can either cook chapatis, smokies, or samosas and sell them at break or lunchtime. Start with small quantities and grow big as your customer base increases.

Selling mitumba (Second-hand clothing)

Dressing is a necessity, and on campus, everyone loves to be seen wearing the trendiest dress, shoe, or jacket. If you have good taste in fashion and are always updated on what is trending in the fashion arena, you know where to get that denim jacket Chris Brown was wearing at the Grammys; then this is the best option for you.


On campus, people love to keep memories, be it that first-year, freshers bash, or the graduation ceremony; you can invest in a good camera for a start. Take random pictures during campus gigs or friends having some good time. These will help you create a name for yourself though you might need some practice if you are a beginner.

Laptop/mobile technician

You might regard this choice if you can fix a few things in a broken laptop or mobile phone. Your fellow students might find your services as the best as you are readily available within the campus. However, it needs a more advanced technician to deal with laptops and computers.

Typesetting and printing services

Printers are nowadays affordable; you can buy a second hand one and start helping your fellow students when they need their assignments to be printed and, in return, get some cash. You can earn more than enough from this kind of business.


Braid your fellow student's hair if you know how to. Buy into some good hair products to avoid inconveniencing you and your clients. All the above can get you some extra money while you are on campus; choose one that can easily work for you without interrupting your studies.

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