Kawangware landlord removes door and roof of woman’s house over rent

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, May 21st 2020 at 06:55
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Ruth Shiundu, a resident of Nairobi’s Kawangware estate has endured a difficult week after her landlord removed her door and part of her roof over rent arrears.

The mother of four has been left stranded and revealed that her sources of income have run dry ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the nation.

While narrating her ordeal to a Citizen TV reporter, Shiundu said she always pays her rent in good time but has not been able to make sales in recent weeks.

“I sell bedding but at the moment no one is buying because some are skeptical about where I get them and the fear of Coronavirus.

“I tried to tell the landlord that I do not have money at the moment but he warned me that we are not related,” she said.

Adding that she is a widow, having lost her husband nine years ago.

The landlord first removed her door and efforts to seek help from the area chief did not bear fruit.

However, several well-wishers have already come forth and one promised to settle her rent for one year.

A recent survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) showed that approximately 59.8 percent of those who usually pay rent on the agreed date were able to pay rent for the month of April on time.

Overall, 30.5 percent of households were unable to pay rent on the agreed date with the landlord.

The survey results, on the other hand, shows that at least 21.5 percent of the households in Kenya who usually pay rent on the dates agreed with landlords were unable to pay rent for the month of April.

The main reason for the households’ inability to pay rent for the month of April was the reduced income or earnings, temporary loss of job, delay in income.

According to the findings, the proportion of households who have received any waiver or relief from landlords on rent for the month of April stood at a paltry 8.7 percent.

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