The typical life of a Kenyan hustler

By KEITH OCHIENG | Sunday, May 17th 2020 at 09:21
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Everyone wants that extra shilling, even if they earning a trillion. That's why the likes of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Chris Kirubi still wake up, much earlier than the masses, to go and grind.

The Mama Mbogas, street vendors and any employed and unemployed Kenyan wants to make money and they are always making plans on how to achieve this seemingly life-time goal. Everything starts in the mind, scientists have proven that over and over.

What baffles me is that although everyone has created a most exciting plan to earn a shilling in their minds, there is always a disconnect with their bodies. I have friends, let me call them acquaintances cause after this article we will degrade to that level, who want to be billionaires in ninety minutes. No, they are not performing artists or auctioning The Titanic silverware. They are putting their entire future on a football game with players who are yet to appreciate any of their efforts.

"Keith I have remained with only one game and I win this money," says one of my acquaintances every time with enthusiasm that would make you want a grant from him. It only takes another forty-five minutes and you are both disappointed; him not getting the money and you definitely not getting the grant. But my acquaintances forget faster than a cricket and the next day they are on it, betting more money.

What I have learnt in this life so far is that nothing comes easy. Nobody is going to give you a million bucks and for fifty shillings. A million shillings by any currency is a lot, and I don't think its value can be compared to a loaf of bread or dry cell, which cost fifty shillings.

So, as you hustle your mind on getting that cheddar, ensure that your body is incorporated in the plan. Do something legal from scratch where you are with what you got.

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