Have Kenyans 'relaxed' since Kagwe stopped issuing COVID-19 updates?

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, May 16th 2020 at 14:36
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For the past couple of weeks, the Ministry of Health has issued updates regarding Coronavirus on a daily basis.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has been a familiar face in Kenyan households, giving timely updates on the spread of the virus and its effects.

The other day my niece asked me, “Kwa ule mtu wa corona alienda wapi?”

The authority in his voice and passion while delivering his speech made him a darling to many as the reality of Coronavirus slowly dawned on us.

It is no surprise that Kenyans have already made memes around ‘Fellow Kenyans’ and a number of his facial expressions.

One of his most popular quotes, “If you treat this disease normally, it will treat you abnormally” sums up the severity of the situation and you must admit that many can relate.

For almost a week now, the CS has been conspicuously absent during the COVID-19 updates and it seems a section of Kenyans have gone back to their old ways.

Traffic is back to normal, the CBD is congested, some have stopped washing hands while some matatus have even gone back to carrying full capacity

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman and his compatriot Dr Mercy Mwangangi have given the breakdown of cases in the country for the past few days but most feel the presence of Kagwe is missing.

There’s a way the CS articulates his points that sort of instills fear but I would also do it the same way since the virus has claimed over 308,000 lives worldwide. It is not a joke.

The other day he addressed Kenyans who go to bars to have sausages and beer. Although there was humour written all over it, the message was home.

On Friday, the CS took to his Facebook page to inform the country about free mass testing but the comment section was flooded with replies from Kenyans who said they had missed his command during the daily updates.

Damaris Ngina Makanda We miss your voice on our screens. Great job.Keep doing it.

Florence Mwangi Pls come back to our screens. Since you disappeared, pple have stopped taking this thing seriously. Your style of delivering the message is unmatched!!

Regina Mwaniki Raise your hand if your kid can't stop asking the whereabout of mtu wa corona.

Gillian Charleson Your briefings aye much more interesting and I pay attention. The rest I just move in and read the info when released!

Kilan M. Samantha Please come back to the briefing...its not the same without you....you bring out the seriousness in the matters.wewe si wa behind the scenes...rudi

Monica Mailo Meeen why are you hiding from the TV cameras?

Let us hope the CS will come back to our screens soon, but this time with a message of hope.

Perhaps partially opening up the economy or telling us we are about to defeat the virus.

Remember, if we treat this disease normally…

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