Two AP officers on patrol buy wheelchair for disabled man

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, May 16th 2020 at 09:22
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Administration Police officers Fredrick Mahiga and Susan Babra were going about their work three months ago in Nakuru town when they came across a man who was stranded by the roadside.

The two approached him and he identified himself as Joseph Kimani.

Asked why he had not sought shelter from the heavy downpour at the time, Kimani said he was disabled and could not walk.

“He told me what led to his disability and revealed that he is often rained on since moving from one point to another is hard.

“He also said that a wheelchair would help him a great deal,” said Mahiga.

Kimani had also gone hungry for some time and his clothes were torn.

Mahiga and Barbra bought some food and clothes for him before proceeding to a nearby medical facility to enquire about the purchase of a wheelchair.

They were told it would cost Sh32,000 so they looked for well-wishers to help them raise the amount.

However, their efforts did not bear fruit and they had to go back to their pockets to buy a wheelchair for Kimani.

According to Barbra, the process took long because Kimani did not have any identification documents and his parents passed away.

They delivered it to him on Thursday and Kimani was thankful to them for their kind gesture saying they had changed his life for the better.

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