When a woman reaches the ‘grown’ state

By Dayan Masinde | Thursday, May 14th 2020 at 11:50
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He was walking in the Nairobi city streets and that was when he saw her, he saw Nduta.

"Nduta!" he called out her name.

"Oh my goodness, Omondi! How are you doing? So good to see you" said Nduta, hugging him.

"It has been so long, how many years since I saw you? Five years?" he asked.

"Six I think. Wow! I see your wedding ring, you got married? How have you been?" asked Nduta.

"I am well, thank you. Yes, I am married, with two kids. Hey, are you busy right now? Can we do coffee and catch up?" he asked.

"Sure, I own a small restaurant in town. We can go there, it's right this way" said Nduta, leading the way.

"You own a restaurant?" Asked a surprise Omondi.

Nduta laughed saying, "Oh yes, the restaurant will be two years old come November. Just a small business I put up."

Omondi looked at her with wonder.

They entered the restaurant, all the workers smiling and saying hello to Nduta.

"There is nothing small about this restaurant, it is beautiful! My wife and I have come here before; I didn't know you own it" he said as they sat.

"I'll have the coffee special please, and kindly bring for my friend the same" said Nduta.

"You have to taste our coffee special, it is delicious" Nduta said as she placed her car keys and bag on the table.

"Is that how you speak to your employees? With that courteousy?" he asked.

"Aah... Yes" said Nduta with a smile. Her phone rang, she picked it up... The coffee special was brought.

"Hello... Yes... No. No I am sorry I will not be able to take that offer, I am focusing on a different plan. Thank you for the suggestion though," she spoke over the phone.

Omondi looked on smiling.

"So, where were we?" Nduta continued.

They spoke for about two hours, laughing, debating, sharing life experiences.

Omondi's wife called him on the phone.

"Hello Honey, oh yes. I will buy them on my way home... OK.. Love you" Spoke Omondi to the phone.

"Nduta, I need to go, but I must say you are not the Nduta I knew. You have really changed" said Omondi.

"Changed? How? For the good?" asked Nduta.

"For the best. I am blown away by your maturity. Look at you, a single woman doing well for herself, with your own businesses that you have built with your own sweat and effort... The Nduta I used to know, was so dependent on getting money from men, she used to scout for rich men and that landed her into the arms of men who used her. Look at you, a boss who speaks with her employees with care and respect... The Nduta I used to know was so bitter, vulgar and spiteful. Look at you, having your own vision and brave enough to say no to suggestions... The Nduta I knew was easily swayed... Everything about you has changed for the best, your conversations, your temperament, your thoughts, what excites you... you are glowing, you are so pleasant, this is the best conversation I have ever had with you" said Omondi.

Nduta smiled, almost tearing up "You don't know how much that means to me to hear you say that, only someone who knew where I am from can appreciate the woman I now am. I have worked so hard on myself to be the woman I am today, but I need to thank you for sparking this change."

"Me?" asked a surprise Omondi.

"Yes! You made me evaluate my life after you rejected me. Remember how I was so into you, I wanted you so bad but you turned me down. I still recall what you told me, that you like me but can't be with me because I am a damaged woman and need to work on myself. You told me to stop looking for a man to hide behind and fix myself. You told me before I become Wife material I need to be Queen material... I hated you for that. Then I thought about it and I realized that though you were not the one for me, you were the man who I needed to speak harsh truths to me to wake me up. You did not give me the relationship I wanted because I had to work on my relationship with self. Thank you Omondi."

Omondi smiled "I didn't know rejection can bring a whole lot of good!"

They both laughed.

"I am now in a grown state" said Nduta.

"Queen material" said Omondi.

"Queen material! And the King who I will give myself to has to be worthy of the Queen that I have grown into," said Nduta.

"He will be blessed to have you. Gotta go before I get late," said Omondi reaching to his wallet to pay.

"Don't pay, it's on me. I can never pay you back for the impact you've had in my life," said Nduta.

Omondi stared at her and said "I am proud of you Queen Nduta," then he left.

Nduta looked at her restaurant and smiled.

When a woman reaches the "grown" state.

© Dayan Masinde

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