Floods: Mother narrates watching her kids get buried in the sand

By Fay Ngina | Thursday, May 14th 2020 at 11:15
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The ongoing floods in Kenya have left a couple in mourning after witnessing their two kids get buried in the sand.

Speaking during an interview on Wednesday, May 13, the mother, Lydia Osiemo, emotionally narrated how they (Lydia and her children), were in the house when the incident occurred.

Lydia says she was in the bedroom while her kids were sleeping in the sitting room when she heard a booming sound making her run to the sitting area.

"I hurriedly ran to the sitting room, but there was total darkness. There was soil everywhere, and when I tried looking for my kids, I could not trace them," narrates Lydia in Swahili.

Since she could hear the water fill the house, Lydia says she ran out of the house and fell into a ditch. 

The mother of two says she tried running and called the brother to help her.

Wycliffe Osiemo, husband to Lydia, says he was really shocked since they were the only kids he had. He says his farm was utterly swept away by the floods and thus could not bury his kids.

"All the land I had was swept away, so burying my kids there was not possible. It's my brother who offered me a piece of land where I laid them to rest," narrated Osiemo.

On Thursday morning, the government announced that the number of deaths due to floods as of May 13, rose to 237.

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa during the briefing, stated that the number of Kenyans who were affected by the floods significantly rose from 122,00 to 161,000.

The CS stated that the most affected area was the Lake Victoria with over 44,000 thousand people displaced in Bundalangi and 66,000 in Nyando constituency.

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