CBK’s response to tweep who wanted advice on old notes goes viral

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, May 13th 2020 at 15:38
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A Kenyan man will have to stick with the old Kenyans notes after the response he got from the Central Bank of Kenyan regarding what to do with them.

The Twitter user, identified as Eric Wakaria, posted a picture of thousands of the old Kenyan currency and asked the money regulator for some advice on what to do with them.

“@CBKKenya please advise on what to with these old notes I found as I was decluttering my room,” said Wakaria.

A few hours later, the CBK, through their official Twitter handle, told Wakaria that they had no response for him.

“Sorry, we have no advice to give,” responded the CBK.

CBK’s response went viral with over 1,000 retweets in less than two hours. A section of Kenyans took to the comments sections to express their views.

Gitonga: Clearly there are no children in CBK to joke around on serious matters.

Kariuki Tariq: Let's be professional sometimes... how can a central bank/institution reason like that. This money with legal tender from a Kenyan citizen. Take these fools to court young man.

Kwamboka: You should give an advice unless you don't know your role. He didn't loot that money.

In October 2019, Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge announced the ban of the old one thousand shillings notes.

He said recalling the old Sh1,000 notes were part of the Government’s plan to fight money laundering and corruption in the country.

“We thought about this transition for about three years; to basically deal with illicit financial flow in the country, and minimise the emergence of counterfeits.

“We looked at the experience of other countries and learned from them. We wanted to minimise the disruption to the economy while enhancing effectiveness,” said the CBK Governor. 

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