Grieving mum admits son was a thief

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, May 13th 2020 at 13:47
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Susan Wangui, the mother of Derrick Ndung’u - who was killed by a mob, has admitted that her son was a thief and she had warned him against the vice many times.

In a video doing rounds on social media, Wangui said the deceased completed his high school education in 2018 and pursued driving but later refused to take up jobs he was offered.

“I have educated him… I even took him to driving school after his secondary education. When he was done with the driving school, I set up a shop for him and asked him to work there but he refused.

"I also asked him to work in an electronics shop, he refused to do that as well. I told him to work to join construction work because I have people who work for me, he refused and said that it was too difficult for him," said Wangui.

She stated that prior to her son’s death they were together in the house when he received a phone call.

Ndung’u claimed that it was his girlfriend and left the house in a rush. Later, Wangui received a call that his son had been beaten by a mob.

“When I got to the scene, the boda boda riders told me that he had just stolen a phone from a woman who was selling eggs and that is what led to him being stoned.

"He does not live in my house. He has rented a house. He refused to live with me because he knows that I do not tolerate his habits," narrated Wangui.

She added that it was not the first time his son had stolen from someone, recalling an incident when she had to bail him out.

Wangui admitted that her son was a thief and she warned him that his ways would lead to his death.

Further, she warned all those engaging in crime that if they do not change their ways they will suffer the same fate.

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