Water shortage hits Umoja two estate in Nairobi

By Smart | Monday, May 11th 2020 at 12:34
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Despite the heavy downfall being witnessed in the country and Ndakaini dam overflowing, Umoja two residents in Nairobi are still experiencing dry taps in their houses.

There is completely no water, and residents have been forced to purchase water from local vendors who are selling it expensively.

The exact cause of water shortage is phenomenal, although the majority of people believe the shortage is caused by water cartels out to profit from their water business within the ward.

Vocal youth leader Nickson bokello has called out on the concerned authorities and local leadership to address the issue urgently to cushion the residents from suffering.

He promised to follow up on the issue with Nairobi water and sewage company and ensure water is readily available to every resident.

Umoja two is a busy estate with a rapidly growing population. Water should always be available in plenty to satisfy the needs of the residents in the entire ward.

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