Would you date yourself?

By Eva Nganga | Monday, May 11th 2020 at 10:13
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While the statement in and of itself may sound unorthodox, it has probably crossed our minds more often than we'd care to admit. A Reddit user once posed the question, would you hypothetically date someone with your exact same personality attributes, your characteristics?

In other words, a replica of yourself in the opposite sex. While many would be quick to say yes (because we're all just self-indulging in that way), let us take the time to ponder what might just not be too great about ourselves.

Case in point: I'm adventurous, almost a certified adrenaline junkie, loyal to a fault, and laugh as often as I breathe too. However, a spendthrift, a little sarcastic and doesn't trust people easily.

While the idea itself of our good side in another human being seems pretty amazing, we all possess an unpleasant nature as well whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. We are who we are, the good and bad. Perhaps those who say yes, do so fully aware of their flaws.

Those who say no, likewise, are aware of what they are and simply would not like to experience the bad side of their personalities. This could be how we make friends - we attract who we are or whose personalities we admire and stay away from those we do not like.

One thing the vast majority can concur is that it definitely sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi novel - perhaps the feeling celebrities get when action figures or life-size statues of themselves are made, a sentiment those that possess an extra-terrestrial sense of wonder wouldn't mind seeing a reality.

Others, however, may find it bizarre or intimidating to have a robotic-like interaction with their own selves. Regardless of opinion, our individuality is unique and rightfully so.

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