Motherhood is more than just carrying a baby for 9 months

By Purity Ngina | Monday, May 11th 2020 at 10:50
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Mother's day reminds me of my mother, the woman who was there when I took my first step, when I went to school, and when I got my first two degrees. She was there. Who always risked her life for me, who treasured me! And more so who genuinely loved me. Like many African women, I am sure she died a happy lady having fulfilled all but one of the things the society values the most: marriage and children.

But today I want to celebrate the other women, those who are not as lucky as her. Those who cannot bear children. Those who went through many miscarriages. Those who have been labelled cursed. Those whose parents, husbands, in-laws, and friends have rejected just because they are childless. They did not choose that life, life of rejection, and stigmatization. This mother's' day is for you. We celebrate you.

Many childless women suffer so much, and people do not respect them, not to mention their husbands' extramarital relationships. It is in Africa where marriage is confirmed through childbearing.

It is quite unfortunate that after marriage, every question you get is about children…" Hujapata mtoto? What are you waiting for? Your husband will get another lady! This confirms that a woman has to prove her worth in a family by motherhood. When will we stop viewing infertile women as a burden on the socio-economic well-being of a community? 

Infertility is a global problem and affects about 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide. I thought we should all know this fact.

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