Kenya power gives update on nationwide outage

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, May 9th 2020 at 13:04
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Kenya Power on Saturday announced that it had identified a technical fault at a section of the main high voltage transmission line.

According to a statement to newsrooms, the fault led to power loss on the critical power line thus overloading other power generators countrywide.

“An electricity conductor came off the support insulators and clashed on the tower,” said Eng Charles Mwaura, General Manager, Network Management.

The company assured the country that restoration of power supply was in progress and parts of the CBD and its environs (hosting critical facilities) were already sorted.

Kenyans on Saturday morning ‘woke up in darkness’ following a huge power outage experienced in most parts of the country.

Most of them took to social media to express their fury at Kenya Power following the blackout experienced in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Earlier, Kenya Power said the outage was due to loss of power supply on the national grid occasioned by system disturbance on the transmission network.

"We have lost power supply in the national grid due to a system disturbance which occurred on our transmission network at 5:49 am this morning,” read from the power distributor the statement in parts

The firm apologised to Kenyans for the inconvenience but indicated that engineers were working to ensure normal power supply resumes.

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