Autopsy on body of man who died in his car in Buruburu reveals he was alive before fire

By Vincent Kejitan | Wednesday, May 6th 2020 at 11:42
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Terrence Korir was not planted in the car as earlier speculated.

An autopsy on the body of the man who was found dead in his car in Buruburu on April 29 has revealed that he had plenty of soot in his respiratory system, an indication that he was alive before the fire broke out.

This is according to Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor who also stated that Korir’s intestines were empty, meaning he had not eaten prior to the incident.

“He inhaled a lot of soot an indication that he took a lot of time in the car before he died because we saw discoloration of tissues.

“This happens when you inhale more carbon-monoxide,” said Oduor.

Adding: “The summary is that this is a person who died in the car fire incident. The circumstances and what caused the fire is what we cannot tell.”

According to Cyrus Chege, the Chairman of Mai Mahiu Court, Katulo Road, he was alerted by security personnel that there was a car on fire at the parking yard.

Neighbours tried to put out the fire to no avail and sought help from the Nairobi County firefighters.

Korir burnt extensively on the entire body with only a little sparing on the back and the buttocks Oduor said.

Police suspect suicide as the motive behind the incident. The detectives are also open to arson. This is because the engine and trunk of the car were intact.

Only the inner part of the car where Korir was sitting was extensively damaged.

According to investigators, the victim either chose to sit pretty as he burnt down or was indisposed by other substances. <!--[endif]-->

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