Some people are going to hotels to order one sausage and two beers — Mutahi Kagwe

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, May 5th 2020 at 15:33
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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on Tuesday expressed shock at how Kenyans were behaving after the re-opening of restaurants.

The CS said he does not regret the move since it was an effort to ensure people who work in such places do not go hungry.

He added that it was part of reigniting the economy but people are abusing it.

“It is unfortunate that some are going to hotels to order two sausages and two beers. Then they will go to another eatery and order another sausage plus two more bottles.

“The same person will go to another restaurant and order an orange as dessert…and add another beer.

“Honestly, what are we doing?” he wondered.

Kagwe also highlighted that Kenyans were slowly disobeying the curfew, with some walking around past 7.30pm.

“If we call the police to arrest such people the media will report that we are harassing Kenyans.

“It is good that you (the media) are now reporting flaunting of the curfew rules,” he said.

The CS stated that new measures will be put in place before the end of the week in a bid to contain the spread of the virus.

On Tuesday, Kenya recorded 45 new cases of Coronavirus and all the 29 cases in Nairobi were from Eastleigh.

This is the highest number of cases reported in a single day since the first case was reported on March 12.

Kagwe stated that Eastleigh is now a high-risk area and the government was exploring ways to contain the spread of the virus in the area.

He also pointed out that Kawangware is another high-risk area that now has 24 cases.

This brings the number of positive cases in the country to 535.

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