All the money used in managing Coronavirus will be audited in broad daylight — President Uhuru Kenyatta

By Vincent Kejitan | Friday, May 1st 2020 at 15:15
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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday assured the country that all the money that has been used to manage Coronavirus in the country will be audited and the report will be made public.

Speaking at State House during the 2020 Labour Day celebrations, the Head of State reiterated that every Kenyan will know how every single cent was spent.

“We shall make it public but this is not the time for cheap politics. As leaders, this is the time to support the government in fighting this global pandemic.

“We should also focus on the future since Corona will not be with us forever. I was surprised when some criticized me for exporting flowers abroad,” he said.

“The flower industry employs very many people. The moment Corona is over they will remember us for standing with them in their time of need.”

The President also asked Kenyans not to relax their efforts in combating the virus saying doing so will result in massive job losses.

“We cannot relax in our efforts to conquer this invisible enemy and to put our economy on a strong growth path.

“Because, if we do not, we could lose upwards of half a million jobs over the next 6 months.  We must do whatever it takes to minimize, if not to fully contain such loss in jobs,” he said.

Adding: “This is why my Administration has rolled out some FISCAL and MONETARY policy measures to cushion the looming situation.  I have already announced the accelerated disbursement to the elderly and the indigent, coming from the Social Safety Net Fund.”

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