Nine possible reasons why women cheat

By Bernice Mbugua | Thursday, Apr 30th 2020 at 11:12
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If you're not financially stable as a man, there's some possibility that she might cheat. Women sometimes want to be taken out all the time, have their bills paid, pedicure, manicure; the list is endless. There will always be a man who can do better and can offer all the things that she wants. She tries to pull the 'I love my man card,' but the temptation may be overwhelming sometimes. While there is no justification for this, you, as a man, should work on a woman who will accept your financial situation at all times or be ready to date a woman when you are financially stable.

2.Better sex

If your sex game is a bit low, I hate to break it to you, but you might be at risk of getting cheated on. Apart from money, being a sexually capable man adds to your advantage. This applies especially if the girl's ex or past sexual experiences with men was too good, and you have to keep up with that.

3. Feeling neglected

It could be in the form of texts, physical and emotional neglect. If you don't take her seriously or you're not that good at taking care of women, you might as well let her go. Talk to her from time to time, communicate on what she wants, if it's possible, take her out. Her needs should come first, and if there's a situation that may lead you to neglect her, talk about it with and give a solution to your situation.

4.Long-distance relationship

While this may be good for the two of you since you'll have time to miss each other, remember there is a boy next door that may be willing to give her what you might not give her in person. It might work out for the first week, month, or year, but she's a woman, and she needs physical attention.

5.Plan B

As much as it's hard to believe some women may actually jungle boyfriends so that in case one side doesn't work out, she'll have a plan B to settle with. Sometimes she might be seeing multiple men before you make things with her a bit serious, and she might not see that coming. It might be hard to end things with the rest because they probably had a good vibe going on.


Have you ever cheated not once or twice, but she still forgave you? Well, she might actually have had enough of you. She might act cool and all-loving, but deep down, she's planning that sweet revenge. Sometimes you might not know that she knows you're cheating on her or you've cheated, and when you find out she did, you get really mad at her, but you know very well you're the one who cheated first.

7.Controlling and insecure boyfriend

There are these kinds of men who will delete every other man's contact on her phone, he will go ahead and warn her about talking to other men and will always get insecure about her. Women may not want to be controlled, it's like denying her freedom, and this may lead her to admire other men who are not controlling. Take it easy on her; she is not your object. The more you pressure her, the higher the chances of her cheating.

8.Not ready for commitment

You two might be a thing, but she might not actually be ready to get committed to one man. It might be hard for her to break-up with you, but it might not be easy for her to get fully committed to you.


Women love attention, and if you find yourself giving other things priority, she might not exactly wait for your attention to come through. If you find yourself giving priority to your boys or your hobbies over her, then do you should know she might also be offered attention elsewhere.

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