Top 10 countries with the most expensive mobile data in Africa

By Fay Ngina | Wednesday, Apr 29th 2020 at 11:50
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A good number of smartphone users in Africa can attest to the fact that mobile data is not always cheap.

For those streaming or downloading huge files, or even working from home, mobile data can be very costly.

In a survey done by the, a UK-based price comparison website, mobile data hugely varies across different countries.

The report analyzed the cost of 1GB of mobile data in 230 countries.

India was ranked as the country with the cheapest data worldwide with the cost of 1GB costing an average of $0.26 (Sh26.39).

Out of the 230 countries, Africa had three countries topping with the most expensive mobile data.

Here are the top ten countries in Africa with the most expensive mobile data for 1GB;

1. Zimbwabwe - $75.20 (Sh7,632.05)

2. Equatorial Guinea - $65.83 (Sh6,681.09)

3. Saint Helena - $55.47 (Sh5, 629.65)

4. Djibouti – $37.92 (Sh3,848.50)

5. Chad – $23.33 (Sh2,367.76)

6. Benin - $20.99 (Sh2,130.28)

7. Seychelles - $19. 55 (Sh1,984.13)

8. Mozambique - $15.82 (Sh1,605.57)

9. Botswana - $14.12 (Sh1,433.04)

10. Comoros - $12.57 (Sh1,275.73)


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