Landlord who waived three months' rent narrates how he was once mistreated as a tenant

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Apr 21st 2020 at 13:23
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Michael Munene, a landlord in Kinangop, has waived rent for three months due to the harsh economic times.

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday, Munene said he was once a tenant and was mistreated by his landlord at the time.

“I once rented a house and since it was not self-contained, we had a common bathroom.

“I remember one time when I took a shower and when I went back to my house I found a padlock,” he said.

Left with only a towel, Munene could not access anything inside his house and had to borrow clothes from his neighbours.

He revealed that this was a turning point in his life and he vowed to never mistreat his tenants when he became a landlord.

“At this time it is important to be sympathetic. So many businesses are closed and I understand that so many people are struggling.

“I decided to waive rent because I understand what my tenants are going through. I also donate food once in a while to top up what they have,” said Munene.

Earlier this month, a landlord in Nakuru was put on the spot after he removed the roof of his tenant’s one-roomed house over delayed payment of Sh3,500.

Eric Mbuhia said his landlord, Francis Njuguna, confronted him over the rent arrears before proceeding to remove the roof.

“The landlord came to the plot infuriated over delayed rent. He demanded that I pay him the Sh3,500 plus Sh2,000 for April’s rent,” he said.

Mbuhia said he pleaded in vain with the landlord to be given a few more days to be able to pay the amount.

“I told him that I have been having problems and my income from my work was low due to the current coronavirus threat that has affected businesses but he demanded his money,” he said.

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