Suffered betrayal? Don't let it steal your happiness

By Daniel Muraya | Monday, Apr 20th 2020 at 14:36
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Once upon a time, love was considered as the highest crown one could receive from another human being. Well, it’s still is though in different versions these days. Acts of kindness, affection, and so forth could be argued to be a sign of love, couldn’t be far from the truth.

With love comes a certain vulnerability that exposes our deepest fears, failures, past trauma that we hide from the rest of the world with ‘big confident smiles.’ This information could be lethal if it falls into the wrong hands or, in this case, the wrong person. My expression of ‘handing a loaded gun to a monkey’ comes to light with every stroke at the keyboard.

Being betrayed by someone you once trusted with your life is the worst pain anyone can endure. Gone are the days when lovers used to protect each other’s secrets, failures, fears, and all those weaknesses and have sadly been replaced by a generation that has perfected the art of being savages.

Dating world today has been affected adversely owing to the overflowing pool of emotionally ‘damaged’ candidates since we all at some point trusted someone with our deepest fears/regrets, which in turn was used against us in the quest of winning an argument or proving a point. This has resulted in a person developing a hard shell protecting their hearts from any possible point of intrusion due to mistrusts built over a period of time, thereby making it hard to ever open up fully to anyone. The guards are always up.

This unfortunate phenomenon has denied some of us to truly embrace the spirit of companionship, enjoy the feeling of being loved, and the opportunity of sharing your life with the would-be partner due to the unresolved ghosts of one’s past. We’ve missed out on opportunities to enjoy peace of mind in the arms of any partner that comes along due to what has been stolen to us, but hey! Read on….

We all hope for better and meaningful relationships, but our ghosts keep haunting us. Yes, you’ve been hurt, betrayed and mistreated before, and yes, it sucks. Unless you deal with all those ghosts and let the past remain in the past, you’ll never get to enjoy what the present has to offer. And No, I didn’t say it’s easy, but it’s worth a try.

Give yourself time to heal, repair all the damage, and this I can promise you, a perfect sunset awaits you. Give yourself a chance to be happy; you deserve it. Don’t let the enemy steal your happiness.

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