Why always Gengetone music?

By Carpus charles | Monday, Apr 20th 2020 at 12:06
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Gengetone music basically is a genre that's vibed to by youths' in the slums of Nairobi County and environs. With the emergence of many singing groups, it has really become a hot issue on the content and type of message and information they should be delivering to their audiences.

Research shows that their audience is mainly their fellow youths and teenagers who the curse words may not be of good teachings and guidance to.

Many groups have emerged like Boondocks gang, Sailors Gang, Matata, Ethic Entertainment, among others that vibe to this genre. The common and main issue that has been hitting this genre of music and the artists ever since is their wordings on the songs, which is of no respect mainly to the female gender.

This has led to the banning of songs like '' Tarimbo'' by Ethic Entertainment and ''Wamlambez'' by Sailors Gang by the Kenya Film Classifications Board(KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua.

Yesterday, Dr. Mutua on Twitter twitted that he wonders whether the perverted producers of the Gengetone song have children. He continues to say that '' how does a sane adult try to normalize rape, prostitution or pedophilia in the name of hits."

He sums it all up by saying that he had taken the matter to YouTube to pull the content down and will take stern measures on the producers for breach of content classification. This comes barely hours after a boy group Ethic Entertainment released the video to their single named '' Soko.''

This video has made many Kenyans on Twitter asking the KFCB CEO to go ahead and ban the video since it makes the genre be perceived bad, yet some artists are also performing well in the genre.

Written and compiled by Charles Odimo 

Journalism student Maseno University 

Twitter @CarpusCharles. 

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