15 surprising benefits of honey you should know about

By Brian Onyiego | Thursday, Apr 16th 2020 at 13:10
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1. Increases sex drive-Low libido is always bad news. Honey assists men produce testosterone; as for women, it assists with estrogen levels. Next time you are not in the mood to have sex, I recommend you drink warm lemon water mixed with honey. Science shows that honey can give people more stimulation in the bedroom.

2. Heals Yeast infection in Women- Women get yeast infections from menstruation, antibiotics consumption, soap sensitivity, bad hygiene, and so on. Signs range from vaginal irritation to a white discharge with a smell from the vagina. Clean the vagina, then mix honey with plain yogurt, apply on the surface and around the vagina area, wait for 10 minutes, then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Do this in the morning and before bedtime. The ratio is two tablespoons of honey to 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt.

3. Reduces insomnia- Taking a tablespoon of honey before bedtime can help you get restful of sleep.

4. Accelerates Ulcer treatment- Consuming 1 to 2 teaspoon a day on an empty stomach, diminishes pain, and assist in the ulcer healing process.

5. Helps in cough and throat irritation- During cold seasons, add two tablespoonsful to hot tea with lemon to keep cases of flu and sore throats at bay.

6. Reduces eczema and acne infections- Honey kills the bacteria causing acne and eczema amongst other skin infections; apply on the affected area, wait for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can also use it as a moisturizer and a nourisher.

7. Suitable for body balance- Enhances eyesight, helps in weight loss, reduces urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea.

8. Honey for Hangover- Hangovers are intolerable when you cannot move and want to sleep all day. Honey is the best remedy. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 cup of yogurt, and thank me later.

9. Increases athletic performance- Put two tablespoonfuls in water drink before or after workouts. It has been proven to work better than the rest energy boosts, for it is low in sugar.

10. Ease in blood sugar control- Honey contains the combinations found in fructose and glucose that helps the body to handle blood sugar levels.

11. Treats allergy- Honey has anti-inflammatory agents that help minimize allergy symptoms like nose bleeding sneezing nose and itchy skin.

12. Enhances the immune system- Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant agents that allow the body to be at its most functional state.

13. Brain booster-The antioxidant in honey helps the brain to be at its optimal state. Honey has calcium that helps the brain as well.

14. Cures Dandruff and scalp irritation- Add honey to water, apply on scalp and leave for an hour or two. Apply every day for effective results.

15. Helps in Herpes- Buying medicine to heal cure herpes is shameful; people infected with herpes grow sores that emit fluids. Honey contains antibacterial agents that help the sores heal quickly.


Precaution-Don't give honey to infants and babies below a year; their digestive system has not yet fully grown. Honey is sugar and thus should be consumed with moderation.

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