How bodies of those who die from Coronavirus will be disposed

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Apr 14th 2020 at 16:12
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The Ministry of Health has issued a number of guidelines regarding how human remains of patients who succumb to COVID-19 will be disposed.

For patients who will die in health facilities, health professionals will have to certify death and the facility working closely with a designated Public Health Officer and the family will facilitate the disposal.

In case a death is reported outside a health facility, safe disposal of the body is paramount. Before commencement of the burial process, the family must be fully informed about the process.A family member/ representative will be asked if there are any specific requests.The body disposal team should include a family representative, a public health officer, local administrator, security and any other co-opted health professional.The room where the remains are should be disinfected and if a coffin is to be used, it should be placed outside the house.A sample should be collected from the victim.Body should be placed in a body bag of impervious material by persons wearing PPE.Place clothes of the deceased inside the coffin if the family so wishes.Allow one of the family members to close the coffin, ensure they are wearing gloves at all times.Disinfect the coffin.Respect the grieving time requested by the family.The coffin should remain permanently closed.The body should then be interred.All surfaces the deceased might have touched should be disinfected and mattresses or mats soiled with body fluids of the deceased should be burnt at a distance from the house after agreeing with the family.

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