People who found themselves in trouble in China were not practicing social distancing — Chinese Ambassador to Kenya

By Vincent Kejitan | Saturday, Apr 11th 2020 at 13:46
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Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng has said that most of the people who found themselves in trouble in China during the past week were not practicing social distancing.

He further added that most of the cases reported did not involve Kenyans.

Peng also maintained that China has zero tolerance for discrimination of foreigners.

This after Africans living in China shared videos saying they had been thrown out of their apartments and spent the night out in the streets.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya on Friday stated that it was working with Chinese authorities to tackle the matter and had received assurances from the Chinese Embassy in Nairobi that action would be taken.

“We expect an early and comprehensive resolution of this matter to the benefit of Kenyan nationals in China.

“Our Embassy in Beijing remains available to attend to any challenges that may arise and to do so in liaison with the Chinese authorities,” said the Ministry.

Earlier, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria hit out at China following the eviction of Africans who reside in the country.

Kuria said it was a shame that the Chinese had to blame Africans, adding that they should also leave Kenya immediately. 

 “It is only fair that all Chinese nationals leave the country with immediate effect. 

“How do you blame Africans for a virus you manufactured in a Wuhan laboratory? Go back home. Hata madeni hatutalipa," he wrote.

Kuria’s sentiments were echoed by Narok Senator Ledama OleKina who said Africans are not children of a lesser God.

However, another Kenyan living in Guangzhou said the situation was being blown out of proportion, urging netizens to avoid promoting xenophobia via social media.

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