Five fun things you can do as a family at home this Easter holiday

By Fay Ngina | Thursday, Apr 9th 2020 at 13:59
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The Easter holiday is finally here with us. It is one of the most significant holidays of the Christian church, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Friends and family usually come together during this time, go out and have fun.

However, this year would be different for many people around the world as we are faced with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Since people have been asked to stay home to avoid further spread of the disease, here are fun things you can do at home.

Play games

Games come in a number of ways, from online games to board games, there are a variety to choose from. As a family, look out for Bible trivia online. You can group yourselves into two and have a competition. These questions might help, especially if you have kids, in remembering the things they were taught in Sunday school. You can also go for a game of charades. This is usually fun when everyone takes turns to guess what is being described.


They say music is food to the soul. Karaoke is one of the most things you can do. What songs do you enjoy most as a family? To make it more fun, do duets. If you want to spice up your karaoke even further, try dressing up like the musicians and act out what they do. You can go for lip syncing if singing out the song is hard.


There’s nothing that brings people together like food. Instead of the preparing the meal alone, how about you all chip in and cook together? Make it more fun by trying out new recipes. There are tons of recipes on the internet especially on Pinterest. However, make sure that the recipe you choose is favourable for all family members otherwise it may turn out to be a disaster.

Watch movies

Now that you are done preparing that delicious meal, look for an exciting family movie or series. Most people go for inspirational movies. Shows that give them hope especially at such a time. You might be surprised at the number of good movies that you have not watched.


What a fun time to show off your dancing moves. As a family, go for a simple choreography that all members can dance to. Don’t give the ones with two left feet a hard time. Check out some of the dance moves on Tik Tok that are trending. Record yourselves and see how you performed. You might create stars at the end of the day. Create memories.

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