Ruto explains why he is not seen with Uhuru regularly

By Vincent Kejitan | Thursday, Apr 9th 2020 at 12:28
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Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday cleared the air on why he has not been in the company of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the past few weeks.

Each time the President has addressed the nation, DP Ruto has been conspicuously absent, raising eyebrows.

While addressing the nation from his Karen residence, the DP stated that he has been in constant communication with the Head of State and all the ministers involved in fighting COVID-19.

He added that the Cabinet has adopted teleconferencing and video conferencing as part of maintaining social distancing.

“We consult regularly…almost daily with the President and all the other ministers involved in the management of this pandemic.

“The operations of government are a preserve of the people in government…we took a decision that this being a national pandemic, all of us are going to read from one script,” he said.

Adding: We are making teleconferencing and video conferencing a big portion of government communication to facilitate social distancing and to avoid physical meetings.”

While emphasizing the seriousness of the pandemic, the DP also posed a question to the journalists:

“You may want to ask yourself why the President and his deputy cannot travel in the same equipment [sic] at any one time and in a situation like this, the answer to that question may help you understand why we are like this at the moment,” he remarked.

The DP urged Kenyans to continue practicing the measures issued by the government saying they are simple but very effective.

He also expressed optimism that the country will get out of this situation soon provided Kenyans are vigilant.

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