10 modern ways of knowing whether you're in a relationship

By Bernice Mbugua | Thursday, Apr 9th 2020 at 10:59
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1. Public Dates

While people may argue that this may not apply since people can go out on dates as friends, some people think that going on dates with the same person means that you two are in a relationship. Most men go by this approach and end up being disappointed because they don't state their intentions from the start. As you try to be all romantic and spending your money, kindly also invest in telling the other person your intention so that it's two-way traffic. This may also apply if you two go out on public dates, not necessarily in the house.

2. Public Displays of Affection

I saw this meme saying that unless a guy shows you out in public, that's your cousin sis! Most men, in fact, don't like public displays of affection. This may mainly involve holding hands, hugging, and kissing in public. So if both parties are willing to go out of their way to show public displays of affection, it's fair enough to say they're in a relationship.

3. Intense Flirting

When you two have this kind of fire vibe going on with each other from the start, let me break it to you, you might be in a relationship. During this quarantine period, most guys are flirting a lot, which makes my point invalid, but if you don't flirt with another person the way you do with this particular someone, then it goes without saying.

4. Spending quality time with each other

Do you find yourself rescheduling your plans because of this one person? Is there this person you're always available for when they ask if you're free? There you have it. It's not easy to make time for some people as they may ask if you're free, and you're quick to look for excuses. So if there's this person you're always spending quality time with, it's time you knew you're in a relationship. You might also find yourself being committed to the same person.

5. If they're the first person, you tell the good news

Excluding your close friends, you may have that one person who you tell first about your achievements. Maybe you got passes, or you passed a job interview, those small things count. If there's that one person, well now you're in the know.

6. You're there for each other, in good and bad times

So if there's that one person who was there for you when you were having a mental breakdown, or you're there if they lost a loved one, the fact is you might actually be in a relationship. It's rare to find people who care for you in bad times. So if you're fortunate enough, he or she is the one.

7. Sleepovers

You're either at a sleepover at her place, or she comes to your place, I mean, if sleep isn't the only thing you're doing there, then perhaps you know the answer.

8. If you're having sex with the same person

One night stands may not count as a thing, but every weekend? That's definitely a relationship. Well, not unless it's friends with benefits, I don't see why that is not a relationship.

9. Sharing clothes

This mostly applies to ladies; if she loves wearing those t-shirts or hoodies, then she's marking her territory, and you must know her place in your life. She might also leave her clothes at your place sometimes or vice versa. You definitely know what's up.

10. Mutual Agreement

Well, there are people who always prefer talking about it. They might be acting dumb, or they must just want to be good friends with you, but if you don't actually talk about it, you might end up getting hurt. To wrap it up, it is always important to always talk about it and make it official so as to avoid heartbreaks, misunderstanding, and, most importantly, wasting each other's time.

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