We do not need a lockdown provided Kenyans adhere to the measures issued — Uhuru

By Vincent Kejitan | Tuesday, Apr 7th 2020 at 15:35
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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the country will not need a lockdown if Kenyans will adhere to the measures that have been issued.

Speaking during an interview with Kameme, Inooro and Coro, the President emphasized that prevention is better than cure and the steps taken were aimed at ensuring life goes on albeit with some distractions.

“We understand our people better. We know that a majority of Kenyans depend on daily activities to earn their livelihoods therefore we don’t need to lockdown the country as long as we can strictly adhere to the measures already in place.

“You are the doctor of your life. Please adhere to the protocols set out by the Ministry of Health to protect yourself and your loved ones. Prevention is better than cure,” he said.

The Head of State also warned against shaking hands saying people ought to change their ways even if it means shifting from a particular culture.

“I know it is not in our culture not to shake hands while greeting but please because of this dangerous disease we have to change. It doesn’t mean one doesn’t love you when they fail to shake hands but rather they are protecting you from this pandemic,” he remarked.

In the interview conducted by journalists Gatonye Mbugua (Kameme FM), Jeff Kuria (Inooro FM) and Karanja wa Kamau (Coro FM), the Head of State said the containment measure was taken ahead of the Easter holiday so as to protect Kenyans especially the elderly living in rural areas from catching the virus from their visiting relatives.

“We know that majority of our old people live in rural areas and according to studies, this disease affects the old people more than those who are young hence we have to protect our grandparents from this disease and the only way out is to stop movement this festive season," the President explained.

He also lauded landlords who had waived/reduced rent saying this would go a long way in reducing the burden on Kenyans during this period.

"I have also requested the Kenya Power and Lighting Company not to disconnect power to those who are unable to pay but rather understand the situation we are in,” the President said.

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